John Primer & Copenhagen Slim Band (US)

John PrimerChicago’s living Blueslegend John Primer with the award winning Danish musician Nisse Thorbjørn aka Copenhagen Slim and his Band is a powerful combination.

Born in Mississippi:
John Primer was born in Mississippi in 1945, when he was 18 years old he travelled to Chicago.
In 1974 performed at the legendary blues club Theresa’s Lounge.
His major influence musically is Sammy Lawhorn, who taught him how to play slide guitar.

With Muddy Waters:
In 1979, John became a part of Willie Dixons “The Chicago Blues
All-Stars” and continued from there to become a part of the Muddy Waters Band where he played until Muddy Waters death in 1983.

John Primer has won his share of awards and nominations including a nomination for the US Grammy Award and was in 2014 nominated to the blues foundations “Traditional Blues Male Artist of the Year Award”!

With Magic Slim:
John primer was a part of Magic Slim´s The Teardrops, for many years, where after he started his solo career with the label Wolf Records.

John Primer and Copenhagen Slim met up in Chicago in 2003, when the harmonica player of John Primer band invited him on stage.

It was also in Chicago, that Nisse Thorbjørn got his alias “Copenhagen Slim”.

Nisse Thorbjørn won the “Danish blues artist of the year” award in 2009 after the release of his debut album “CPH SLIM”. The album was awarded 4 hearts in Denmark’s no.1 paper for culture and music “Politiken”.

He has since worked with his Copenhagen Slim Band, and toured with Lurrie Bell and John Primer in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Norway.