New Orleans Soul Preachers

At the meeting of New Orleans Jazz and Soul you find the band “New Orleans Soul Preachers” playing a style of music that most of us appreciate without quite being able to define the style, we call it “New Orleans Soul”, and claim that it cosists of equal parts of Jazz and Soul with that special New Orleans vibe.

Artists like The Meters, Alvin Robinson, The Coasters and Dr.John have all conbtributed to this style and this is very we draw our main inspiration from.
The New OrleansSoul Preachers is powerhouse of solists and it all boils down to an amazing live experience.

Nisse Thorbjørn is one of the recievers of the “Danish blues artist of the year” award winners and is known for his powerfull voice, his virtuoso harmonica playing and and passion for the music.

Johan Bylling Lang is hard to avoid in danish jazz especially his work in New Orleans jazz is well known in musical circuits in Denmark.

Ola Åkerman the band’s only Swede is a great trombone player of great virtuosity and powerfull tone.

Hammond Organ:
Mads Søndergaard is a trained jazzpianist from The Haag Royal Conservatory, and is one the stronger organ players on the danish Jazz scene.

Michael Strange who besides jazz also works with blues and Soul music was one the musicians to perform on Jamie Cullums album “Twentysomething” that went worldwide with several million copies sold.