Solo (US)

Nisse Thorbjørn aka Copenhagen Slim is one the recievers of the “Danish Bluesartist of the year award”.

Copenhagen Slim’s solo release “CPH Slim” (2009) was awarded 4 hearts in “Politiken” which is the main newspaper in denmark for arts and culture.

Copenhagen Slim describes his solo performance as consiststing of 1/6 originality, 1/6 Spirituality & fear of the dark, 1/6 Folk Tales with questionable morals, 1/6 Delta blues of the kind your grandma would’nt allow around the house, 1/6 Grit and 1/6 Attitude..

Copenhagen Slim has performed at festivals i Germany, Sweden, Norway Lithuania, Mexico & Denmark.

In 2014 Copenhagen Slim has performed with blues allstars John Primer, Jimmy Burns and guitarlegend Lurrie Bell, besides performing solo and with his band.